Freshana® provides the ONLY patented all-natural

100% organic cleaning product solutions in the world. 

Take your cleaning to the next level.

100% chemical free. 100% Peace of Mind.

A 3 step process to eliminate substances and odors without any toxic chemicals or artificial derivatives.

3 Step Process:

  1. Without the use of chemicals or toxins, our organic products breaks the bonds of the very strong hydrocarbon chains and microencapsulates the individual offending molecules.

  2. Then our products increase natures natural biodegradation process over 1,000 fold.

  3. Natural bacteria in the surrounding environment can now eat the microencapsulated odor particulates.

Our microencapsulation process provides environmentally safe surroundings for your loved ones, children, pets, customers, clients and employees faster than any chemical or enzyme-based products on the market.

Freshana is unlike any other odor or cleaning solutions available today.

The patented organic formula that is the foundation of all our products took more than a decade to produce in a lab by two eminent chemists - one of whom is the founding owner of Freshana Organic Solutions, Dr. Robert Bayless.

It was his lifelong expertise in microencapsulation that allowed our formula to be unlike any other product that is organic. An organic product that actually works, making it both safe and effective.

Odor Detected

  • Freshana
  • Enzyme-Based
  • Deodorizers

ZERO Chemicals or Artificial Derivatives

Though the USDA and other government entities allow companies to call their products "organic" if they still have up to 5% chemicals, poisons and toxins, Freshana does not accept that even a 5% chemical composition as being safe for consumers.

Freshana is 100% all natural.

An Organic Cleaning Solution with:

  • No Carcinogens
  • No Allergens
  • No Poisons
  • No Toxins
  • No Perfumes